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We believe music should be accessible for disabled artists and fans. There is lots of work to do to make this happen. We are determined to make a change in the music industry to improve things for disabled artists and fans.


For smaller bands like us, playing gigs often means playing smaller venues that do not have good accessibility. When we are a support act, we are not involved in choosing the venue. We really struggle when we are offered support shows that are important to play, if the venue accessibility isn't good.


This is a problem not only because of Jess's own disability and access needs, but also because of our disabled fans who cannot always attend our shows due to inaccessible venues.

The more we grow, the bigger an impact we can have. With our own headline shows, we have much more control over the event and we only play the most accessible venues possible. We are making noise about this issue behind closed doors and we are working on what more we can do in terms of campaigning and what leverage we have as a support act.


We have included the section below to highlight accessibility information for each of the venues we are playing. This information has been taken directly from venue websites where possible. When a venue has not published their accessibility information, we get in touch with them directly which informs the information below.

We know the situation is far from perfect and we are open to suggestions on how we can do better on this issue.

If you have any questions about accessibility at our upcoming shows, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Accessibility at our headline shows:

All venues on our Download festival warm up tour are wheelchair accessible.

Our set will contain a 15 minute break in the middle so that we can all rest.

There will be some masks available at the door. We ask for the safety of others that if you are displaying cold, flu or COVID symptoms, that you stay at home.

We are speaking with the promoters/venues to arrange a dedicated seated viewing area. If you need to be seated, please contact the venue and they will ensure your needs are met. 

We are encouraging the promoters to offer PA tickets at no extra charge. Currently we know Rough Trade (Bristol) and 229 (London) already offer this via Dice, and we will update this section when we get more information from YES! (Manchester).

We have requested that no strobes are used during the event.

We will be providing a QR code at the event which will be a link to all lyrics so those who want to can follow along during the show.

We have asked if there is a quiet space that can be made available. Rough Trade (Bristol) and 229 (London) have agreed and we will update this section when we get more information from the other venues.

We have encouraged the promoters to ensure that assistance dogs are welcome.

Please contact the venue to ensure your needs are met!

Upcoming Shows

229 VENUE 2

31st May 2024

Headline Show


2nd June 2024

Headline Show


YES! Basement is accessible via a lift. 

Accessible toilet is on Level 3, accessible via a lift.

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